Gingrich: Democrats can't win an 'honest election' so they're trying 'to set up an ability to steal it'


Democrats can’t win an “honest election” so they are trying “to set up an ability to steal it,” Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich told “Fox & Friends” on Wednesday.

Gingrich made the statement the morning after the Trump campaign and the Republican National state and national committees filed a lawsuit against Nevada over expanded mail-in voting for the November election.

The lawsuit claims Assembly Bill 4, which would allow ballots to be mailed to all registered voters in the state, will undermine the election’s “integrity,” FOX 5 in Las Vegas reported.

Gov. Steve Sisolak, a Democrat, signed the bill on Monday after it passed the state legislature along party lines, the Nevada Independent reported.

Sisolak tweeted the bill “ensures protections for Nevadans to vote safely at the November election during the pandemic.”

Gingrich also reacted on Wednesday to a tweet from former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, who wrote, “I fear Republican sabotage of the USPS, including slowing mail delivery, is a Trump strategy to make voting by mail more difficult this fall. Request your ballots and return them as early as you can.”

He went on to bring up Nevada as an example, citing an expert on the topic.

“They’re going to mail ballots to 200,000 people, who according to the post office don't exist. They’re either dead, they’ve moved, the address doesn't work, 200,000 extra ballots floating around out there,” Gingrich said.

He then brought up the fact that in New York, it recently took weeks after the polls closed to get the results of some congressional primary races as absentee and mail-in ballots were counted.

“You have two congressional districts that six weeks after the primary they haven't been able to announce a winner,” Gingrich said.

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