George Floyd’s family attorney endorsed Kamala Harris for VP


Ben Crump, a civil rights lawyer who represents the family of George Floyd and other high-profile victims of police brutality, endorsed Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) to be former Vice President Joe Biden's (D) running mate.

“This is a time for steely-eyed public servants who play no games and demand results,” Crump wrote in a CNN op-ed. “It's time for Sen. Kamala Harris to join Joe Biden's ticket and, God willing, help him actualize the next phase of this movement from the White House.”

Crump is currently suing the city of Minneapolis, where Floyd was killed by police in custody on May 25.

The death of Floyd, an unarmed Black man, sparked global outrage after bystander video surfaced of a white police officer holding Floyd down on the ground with a knee on his neck. Despite pleas from Floyd that he could not breathe, the officer did not remove his knee. Floyd became unresponsive moments later, and... (Read more)

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