Columnist urges conservatives to sue media outlets for defamation: 'Make it cost them dearly'


Conservative author Kevin D. Williamson believes the world needs "a hell of a lot more defamation suits," and he wants conservatives to help lead the charge.

In an op-ed Saturday, Williamson argued that conservatives should fund an effort to represent people pro-bono after media outlets like The Washington Post defame them. "The only way to get the Washington Post or CNN to stop the abuse is to make it cost them dearly," Williamson wrote for the New York Post.

The Washington Post recently settled in a $250 million suit with Nick Sandmann, the Kentucky high school student who was accused of racism after a viral video of his encounter with a Native American man emerged. The teen also sought damages from NBC and CNN, the latter of which also settled with him.

Williamson argues that Sandmann's case was high-profile, allowing him to obtain high-quality legal representation that others might not have while combatting lies. The conservative movement should help them, Williamson argues, like the plethora of religious liberty and gun rights groups do with others.

"Even among those who are defamed, not very many are willing to put themselves through the ordeal of litigation and the financial risks associated with it," he wrote. "Here is an opportunity for lawyers -- and people who care about accountability in journalism -- to do some good."

The Covington case captured a whirlwind of attention as outlets other than The Post received criticism for the way they covered Sandmann. And under President Trump, politicians have regularly pointed out what they consider to be instances of media bias -- or outright falsehoods -- agai... (Read more)

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