Father and son are beaten to death by burglar with a baseball bat


A man has been accused of beating to death a Florida homeowner and his adult son with a baseball bat while trying to steal a car.

Officers were summoned to a home in the 2900 block of Sunbittern Court in Windemere on Thursday night after getting a 911 call from the slain homeowner's 10-year-old grandson reporting a violent burglary in progress.

A dispatcher instructed the child to hide in a bathroom until police arrived. The boy was unharmed.

The suspect, identified as Ezekiel Hopkins, 34, was found inside another bathroom in the victim's home.

A preliminary investigation has revealed that Hopkins was allegedly trying to steal a vehicle at around 11pm when he was confronted by the owners, John and Lisa Savey, both aged 61, reported WFTV.

Police said the intruder bludgeoned John to death with a baseball bat, then chased his wife into the house and attacked her as well, inflicting serious injuries.

John and Lisa's 30-year-old son, James, was at home at the time and was brut... (Read more)

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