Zogby: Majority See Trump as 'Law and Order President'


A majority of likely U. S. voters agree with President Donald Trump's assertion he is the law and order candidate in this November's election, according to the latest poll by Zogby Analytics.

"Many people have taken their anger and frustration to the streets to protest police brutality and racism," John Zogby concluded. "Cities across the nation have witnessed mostly peaceful protests, but some have turned violent, and while some of these frustrations are justified, there have been many instances of chaos that are not.

"While many have slammed the use of federal troops in cities like Portland and Chicago by the DOJ, Trump's message that he is the 'law order' president coupled with violence in cities and suburbs across the nation could have the effect of helping Trump win back voters, if he is seen as a stabilizing presence, and if the violence and protests continue to spill out of control.

"Some voters may not feel safe leaving their homes, which could shift suburban voters back into Trump's column and increase his lead with swing voters."

There is some dissension from Trump's staking claim to law and order as Democrat-run cities are burned, vandalized, and in some cases destroyed by George Floyd rioters as Democrats have managed to blame Trump for it.

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