Video: Portland Protestors Burn Holy Bible


A stack of bibles and American flags were burned outside the federal courthouse in Portland, Oregon by what appeared to be left wing Antifa activists in a new video posted by blogger and journalist Ian Miles Cheong.

What do these actions have to do with the horrific death of George Floyd who was murdered by a Minneapolis Police Officer? Nothing.

In fact, Floyd’s death has now become an excuse for anti-American, anti-Democratic factions to target our communities and major cities prior to the November, 2020 election.

The incident in Portland raises significant concerns about the continuing destructive actions of Neo-Marxists and young American millennials that have been indoctrinated by their university and college professors to oppose American values and establish a new form of ‘cancel culture’ socialist ideology.

It is an ideology that advocates civil unrest, opposition to western values, violence against government officials and targeting of civilians who oppose their beliefs.

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