California paper urges Biden to pick Karen Bass over Kamala Harris for running mate


The biggest newspaper in California’s capital city is urging Joe Biden to choose Rep. Karen Bass of California as his running mate instead of the other Golden State politician who’s being seriously considered – Sen. Kamala Harris.

“If Biden chooses a California VP, he likely won’t pick Karen Bass,” the Sacramento Bee editorial board wrote. “Clearly, however, the community activist whose passion for service led others to draft her into electoral politics is the better choice.”

And the newspaper warned that “the Biden campaign should be concerned about things like the secret $400,000 settlement Harris’ office paid to settle 'gender harassment' claims against a top aide named Larry Wallace. The Sacramento Bee uncovered the settlement in 2018. Harris claimed she didn’t know about the scandal in the California attorney general’s office and then fired Wallace, who had received a plum position when she won election to the Senate. Issues like these, a... (Read more)

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