Portland business owner describes 'devastating situation,' says 'there are no consequences' for crimes


A business owner in Portland, Ore., told "Bill Hemmer Reports" Wednesday that "nobody feels comfortable" due to the violence that has gripped parts of the city for more than two months.

Stacey Gibson, who owns a Subway restaurant in the downtown area, told host Bill Hemmer that she had to board up the windows of the business to prevent looters from getting in.

"We are doing the best that we can during these unprecedented times that we have here," she said. "It has certainly been challenging ... COVID was certainly a big blow for all of the businesses downtown ... And now you have more issues with employee safety and nobody feels comfortable coming down.

"Of course, business is down," she added. "All of these things have just been canceled, and of course that makes it super challenging for us to run a business."

Gibson added that she was hopeful an ag... (Read more)

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