Top Trump immigration enforcer announces retirement as election nears


WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U. S. President Donald Trump's top immigration enforcement official on Friday announced he will retire from the agency, a staffing shakeup in a key policy area for Trump as he faces re-election in November.

Matthew Albence, acting director of U. S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), said in a statement that his plan to retire had been prolonged by the coronavirus pandemic. The pandemic has created challenges for ICE operations both in the field and in immigration detention centers, where nearly 4,000 immigrants have tested positive for the disease.

The Republican president has made immigration a major theme of his first four-year term in office and a central part of his 2020 campaign against Democratic challenger Joe Biden, but Americans have become increasingly concerned about the virus and the struggling economy in recent months.

Still, Trump has implemented a number of sweeping immigration measures during the pandemic, suspending the entry ... (Read more)

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