Virginia Independent Calls Newly-Elected Black Republican A ‘Token’


An Independent Virginia politician who has, according to the Potomac Local News, received donations from Democrats called the new Republican chairman of Prince William County Soil and Water Conservation District a “token black person” in a Facebook comment.

Tiziana Bottino is a director of the Prince William County Soil and Water Conservation District, which watches and protects water and soil quality to stop pollution. Bottino made the comment about Tim Parrish on June 27, after Republicans in the county elected him as the new committee chairman. Parrish is a former U. S. Marine and has been working with the committee for nearly a year, according to Potomac Local News.

Bottino commented on a post in the Potomac Local News Facebook page. “Yay, now you have your token black person, congratulations! You’re officially diverse!” Bottino’s comment reads.

“Pretty racist to say they have to conform to a particular way of thinking based on race,” one Facebook user re... (Read more)

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