Seattle CHOP barriers being cleared by city crews, cops at scene


Seattle Department of Transportation crews on Tuesday began removing concrete barriers marking the entrance to the area protesters are calling the Capitol Hill Organized Protest, or CHOP.

A crew used heavy machinery to remove the concrete barriers at 10th and East Pine Street. Seattle Police officers were also at the scene to assist crews in case protesters intervened.

Protesters almost immediately began to construct a makeshift barricade to take the concrete barrier’s place, moving furniture, trash cans and plywood into the road to continue to block traffic into the area.

As of Tuesday morning, no plans had been set in place to remove the other concrete barriers in front of the abandoned East Precinct, according to Seattle Police Department Assistant Chief Adrian Diaz.

Monday marked the fourth shooting near the CHOP zone since the occupation began three weeks ago.

A 16-year-old boy was killed and a 14-year-old boy remained hospitalized in critical condition after a shooting on 12th Avenue between Pike and Pine around 3 a.m.

Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best appeared on camera later Monday to urge protesters to leave the CHOP zone, saying "Enough is enough here."

"This is something that's going to need to change," Best said. "We're asking that people remove themselves from this area for the safety of the people. If they care about people, they're going to have to try to help us to make it safe."

Best said the shooting resulted in the second death of an African-American victim "at a place where they claim to be working for Black Lives Matter.”

Horace Lorenzo Anderson, 19, was shot and killed on June 20 when a shooting rang out around 2:30 a.m. near Cal A... (Read more)

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