Trump Counselor Kellyanne Conway’s Daughter Posting Anti-Trump Messages on TikTok


Claudia Conway, one of Kellyanne Conway’s four children, has been posting anti-Trump messages to her TikTok followers.

They have been noticed by Twitter users and she is currently “trending.”

She’s been encouraging people to leave 1 star reviews on all of Trump’s restaurants, hotels, and golf courses


Claudia Conway, daughter of counselor to the president Kellyanne Conway, is the latest member of the New Jersey-based political family to be drawn into the divisive world of President Donald Trump.

The teenage daughter of Trump counselor Kellyanne and Trump critic George Conway is the focus of both political scrutiny and family intrigue Tuesday after high-profile journalists shared TikTok videos and Instagram posts of her criticizing the president and highlighting activist causes.

Claudia, who is one of four Conway children including her twin brother George IV, told critics and social media followers alike that she has formed her own opinions by educating herself – advice which she passed on to critical Trump supporters in the comment sections of recent TikTok videos.

Claudia Conway was placed in the national spotlight Monday evening after New York Times reporter Taylor Lorenz shared several videos of the teenager teasing supporters of the president and proving to skeptics she is truly Kellyanne’s daughter.

Conway encouraged her more than 16,000 TikTok followers to leave one-star... (Read more)

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