'You're taking your cues from Chuck Schumer': Tucker Carson calls out Republican Senator For Siding With BLM And The Democrats


Fox News host Tucker Carlson and Sen. Mike Braun, R-Ind., took part in a spirited debate on "Tucker Carlson Tonight" Monday over Braun's Reforming Qualified Immunity Act, which would limit the circumstances under which law enforcement officers could avoid civil lawsuits.

Under the bill, which Braun introduced last week, officers could only claim immunity from legal action if the conduct in question had previously been authorized or required by federal or state law or regulation, or if a court had ruled the conduct was lawful and Constitutional.

Braun argued Monday that unless Republican lawmakers work to change the system, "Democrats are going to spin it" to their benefit in the November elections.

"Chuck Schumer has already decided he can make hay of this in the election and we will end up on the short side of it again," Braun said.

"Who controls the Senate?" Carlson fired back. "I thought Republicans controlled the Senate. So you're taking your cues from Chuck Schumer [and] saying, 'He might criticize me, therefore I have to pass a law that makes it easier to sue police'?"

Braun said his bill would provide "due process" for victims of police misconduct, citing the controversial shooting death earlier this month of Rayshard Brooks in Atlanta, which the GOP lawmaker recently described as an "egregious incident" of police brutality.

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