Barstool Sports President: "Cancel Culture Is Coming For My Head"



So just as I predicted it was only a matter of time till cancel culture came for Barstool.  Why did I know they'd come for us?  Well twofold.

1. Everybody is getting cancelled nowadays

2. The No Fun Club fucking hates us.

So it was a perfect time for our enemies of which there are many to come for the throne.  Well unlike Jenna Marbles I will not roll over and cancel myself.  Listen if anybody wants to dig through our past I'm sure they will find examples of us making fun of every group of people on the planet.  After all we've been doing this off color comedy thing for 17 years.  The intent is always to make people laugh but I admit we don't always hit the mark.  But just like with everything in life when you dig deeper you’ll see our true colors.  That's why I wasn’t that worried about cancel culture. I knew that whatever clips or examples they dug up from the past 17 years would be taken out of context and I’d have the receipts to prove it.  How did I know that?  Simple.  Because despite what people want to believe about us we aren’t racist, we aren’t sexist and we aren’t any of the things the haters want to call us.

Anyway here we go.  This account has been tweeting non stop a clip from a rundown 4 years ago in which we discuss the first time Kaepernick kneeled.

Little did we know at the time what a huge issue or movement this would become.   If you want to call me racist for admitting the first thought that popped into my head when I saw this story without any context knock yourself out. I was pretty much admitting I wasn't proud of what I thought about to begin with.  And you can certainly say that Kevin went too far with some of his comments, but that was also par for the course for KFC when talking about everybody during those days.  You could say it about me to.  But here is where I have a problem.  Whoever posted this edited the video.  If you continue to roll it we discuss Kaepernick kneeling in more detail and say it’s to protest the treatment of blacks in the United States and we all universally agree that he has the right to kneel.  Dan even says it’s the ... (Read more)

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