President Donald Trump Expects Twitter Ban


As the Trump administration initiates war on Big Tech censorship, President Donald Trump suspects that Silicon Valley liberals will use every dirty trick they can come up with, including censoring him.

Trump speculated in an interview with The Federalist publisher Ben Domenech that his Twitter account’s days are numbered. When asked by Domenech if he believed he would be banned by Twitter, Trump replied with a firm, “Yes, I do.” As a sitting president with over 82 million followers, this would be a point of no return by Big Tech in an already intense election. Trump wondered if the future for conservative speech online perhaps lies elsewhere: “Some people say I should join Parler.”

The president and “others in the White House” reportedly believe Twitter will ban him this Fall, shortly before the 2020 election itself. But if the platform does ban Trump, as the president suggested, doing so may “hurt them more than they realize.”

Of all Big Tech companies, Twitter seems to be truly itching for a fight. It began in late March when Twitter fact-checked Trump for suggesting that mail-in ballots could lead to voter fraud, a concern even The New York Times has acknowledged to be valid. Twitter followed up two days later by placing an interstitial, or filter over Trump’s tweet condemning violent riots over the death of M... (Read more)

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