Singer John Legend says "realtors don't show black people all the properties they qualify for" and it's a "real problem"


Saturday singer John Legends responded to a story from TMZ that Texas Realtors will stop using “master” to describe bedrooms and bathrooms.

Legend wrote:

Real problem: realtors don’t show black people all the properties they qualify for. Fake problem: calling the master bedroom the master bedroom. Fix the real problem, realtors.

Legend then added:

Me saying this is a real problem doesn’t mean that you, offended real estate agent, do it.

It doesn’t mean 100% of you do it. It means it’s widespread and well-documented enough to be an actual issue.

As my grandfather/pastor used to say, “I’m not talkin bout u unless it’s u”

Legend concluded by tweeting:

If you’re not doing it, thank you. But also show some leadership by recognizing that it’s real and encouraging your colleagues to do better

As for terminology, all MTV Cribs viewers know that “this is where the magic happens” is the only acceptable name for where the homeowner sleeps.

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