Zuckerberg on President Trump Twitter Dispute: Internet platforms should not be arbiters of truth


The CEO’s of Twitter and Facebook disagree on how to police speech on their platforms.

During a CNBC interview Thursday, Mark Zuckerberg stated that “political speech is one of the most sensitive parts in a democracy and people should be able to see what politicians say.” His remarks came after Twitter flagged several of the president’s tweets as misleading.

Zuckerberg added that there are circumstances where sites should take action. He then referenced Facebook’s move to delete a post by the Brazilian president that reportedly contained misinformation on hydroxychloroquine. At the same time, however, he said Facebook’s job isn’t to police facts.

“I don’t think that Facebook or internet platforms in general should be arbiters of truth, that’s kind of a dangerous line to get down to in terms of deciding what is true and what isn’t,” Zuckerberg explained.... (Read more)

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