Darrell Issa sues California over 'unconstitutional' November vote election


Issa, appearing on "Fox & Friends Weekend," said he and a conservative group are challenging the Democratic governor over the directive because it could lead to possible manipulation of the vote.

"The Legislature passed an act specifically laying out how mail-in ballots could be done county by county. The governor ignored all of that, and ignored other ways he could have increased the amount of mail-in ballots," he said.

Issa accused Newsom of opening up polling places in an unsuccessful 11th-hour attempt to thwart the recent election of Republican Mike Garcia in the 25th District, which was supposed to be a mail-in ballot contest.

"So you can see where one gets very concerned that this has turned into the governor's way to manipulate the outcome of the November election," he contended.

Issa, a former congressman, is vying this year to return to the House to represent a San Diego-area district.  He and other plaintiffs, including the conservative group Judicial Watch, are asking a federal judge in Sacramento to block Newsom's order.

Newsom says his directive is on firm legal ground. He called the switch to mail-in ballots a necessary response to the COVID-19 pandemic since voters at crowded vote centers could be exposed if they voted in person.

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