FNC’s Napolitano Says Trump Can't 'Override' Governors on Opening Houses of Worship --- 'In a Word, No'


Friday on Fox News Channel’s “The Daily Briefing,” network senior judicial analyst Andrew Napolitano said President Donald Trump’s declaring during the White House press briefing that he could “override” governors to reopen houses of worship was incorrect.

Perino asked, “Does he have the power to do that?”

Napolitano said, “In a word, no. As ill-advised as these gubernatorial orders are, as essential as is the right to worship, as fundamental as it is, as absolutely protected by the First Amendment as it is, the president does not have any authority to override the governors. I will tell you, but the president can do. He can’t dispatch the Department of Justice to file lawsuits in federal court, and judges can override the governors. But the president on his own —no matter well intended he may be, and I believe he’s well-intended here— is without authority to do that.”

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