Lorena Bobbitt on revisiting her notorious case in Lifetime film: 'There was a lot of trauma'


Lorena Bobbitt became a household name nearly 30 years ago when she finally snapped.

On the night of June 23, 1993, after suffering years of abuse, the then-24-year-old cut off the penis of her sleeping husband John Wayne Bobbitt, 26, in small-town Manassas, Va.

The shocking case, which quickly became the subject of late-night comedy skits, is now the subject of a Lifetime film titled “I Was Lorena Bobbitt,” which follows the now-49-year-old’s account leading up to that fateful day. Bobbitt served as executive producer and on-screen narrator.

Lifetime will also run a PSA for the National Domestic Violence Hotline and the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence featuring Bobbitt, as well as Dani Montalvo and Like Humphrey, who star as the controversial couple. The move is part of the network’s public affairs campaign Stop Violence Against Women.

“I think it’s really important that we are releasing this film now,” Montalvo, 26, who plays Bobbitt, told Fox News. “Now more than ever. I think people are listening. People are starting to realize, 'Hey, women -- they might be onto something. They might be telling the truth. They might all have this one, awful, horrible thing in common. And there’s something that we can do about it.'”

“I hope that it... inspires people to reach out,” she continued. “And if they see the signs, they see the patterns of any sort of domestic or sexual violence that they can act. And I think by watching the movie, that they will see what it looks like to live with that sort of reality.”

On that night, Bobbitt, a young immigrant who had nowhere to go, fled the scene, organ in hand. She drove off from their home and flung the penis out of the driver’s side window into a field.

Police later went digging through the overgrown roadside grass for the missing member, The New York Times reported. They found it, put it on ice in a Big Bite hot dog box from a nearby 7-Eleven and then rushed it to the hospital for the bleeding spouse. The former Marine then underwent surgery for nearly 10 hours and had it reattached.

At the time, a distraught Bobbitt claimed she was raped by her drunk husband and simply couldn’t take years of physical, sexual and emotional abuse anymore. But the notorious cause would go on to be sensationalized by tabloids and Bobbitt was depicted as a pop-culture punchline.

At the time, marital rape only recently had been made a crime in all 50 states and was nearly impossible to prove in Virginia, The New York Times reported.

“For some reason, the media was just infatuated about the cutting of this penis instead of what actually is the essence and the core of the story,” Bobbitt told Fox News. “The story was about domestic violence, domestic abuse, sexual assault… the media just missed this window of opportunity to tell [that].”

“We have to understand that the media has a big platform to influence people’s opinion,” she said. “So whenever I see tabloids and it’s all about... penis this and penis that, it was like, ‘Wow, they’re really missing [the point].’ And in the movie… you’ll see I was very traumatized because his trial went first. And I really believed that I was going to prison. I was going to jail. The whole thing was based on something else. There [wasn’t] a focus on the real story.”... (Read more)

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