Dr. Drew Pinsky: Why governors pushing lockdowns are not following the science


Addiction specialist Dr. Drew Pinsky argued on Friday that United States governors are falsely justifying stay-at-home orders under the pretense of using scientific reasoning to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus.

“There is no science of lockdown, there is not. We don’t have that science. It’s all models, conjecture, theory, this isn’t science,” Pinsky told “The Brian Kilmeade Show.”

Pinsky said there has been "absolutely" an uptick in mental health issues and substance abuse -- especially alcohol -- as people spend weeks in their homes. He disputed the notion that there is settled science behind implementing mass quarantines of healthy people, calling it an unprecedented step.

"The idea of quarantining a healthy population has never been done before in human history," said Pinsky, adding that much of the spread of coronavirus has happened in homes and in tight spaces like mass transit.

As most states begin to move forward with measures to reopen their economies following strict lockdowns aimed at slowing the spread of the coronavirus, some governors and big-city mayors are now saying the restrictions will not fully be lifted until a vaccine or treatment for the disease is available — a timeline that could take a year or more.

President Trump has said that the U. S. will reopen “vaccine or no vaccine,” and told governors in a call Monday that the federal government “will step in if we see something going wrong, or if we disagree” with how states are lifting their lockdown orders aimed at preventing the virus’ spread.

“You, too, should expect to continue with this for the foreseeable future,” ... (Read more)

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