Voters pick Trump over Biden as best suited to deal with coronavirus crisis: Zogby poll


President Trump or Democratic presidential hopeful Joseph R. Biden: Which man is best suited mentally and physically to deal with the coronavirus pandemic? A majority of all likely voters — 51% — give Mr. Trump the edge over Mr. Biden, who won the confidence of 49% — this according to a new Zogby Analytics poll.

There is a straightforward partisan divide: 91% of Republican voters cited Mr. Trump is the best leader, while 85% of Democrats cited Mr. Biden. Then come noteworthy variables among “important swing voters,” the poll said.

Among “weekly Walmart shoppers,” 57% have confidence in Mr. Trump, 43% cite Mr. Biden. With weekly Amazon shoppers, it’s Trump 60%, Biden 40%. Among NASCAR fans, the president garners 70% support while the Democratic challenger gets 30%. Most inte... (Read more)

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