Los Angeles Air Cleanest in Decades Due to Coronavirus Pandemic Shutdowns


The notorious Los Angeles smog is nowhere insight, and the city's enjoying its longest stretch of good air quality in at least 40 years -- but of course, the reason for that sucks.

The coronavirus pandemic and subsequent shutdown of most commerce and travel across the country has totally changed everyone's way of life, but according to the March 2020 air quality index compiled by the Environmental Protection Agency ... L. A.'s air is reaping massive benefits.

The chart shows Angelenos experienced the cleanest air recorded last month since at least 1995, but the EPA's data actually goes back to 1980 ... and there hasn't been a longer span of "good" air days since then either.

Cody Hill, a California energy company exec, estimates it goes back even further, saying March 2020 may well have been “one of the best months at leas... (Read more)

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