Doctor sentenced for saving mom and child with emergency C-section instead of aborting baby -

Excerpts from article:

...An Argentinian doctor has been sentenced to a 14-month suspended jail term, plus 28 months of disqualification from holding public office because he refused to commit an abortion on a woman who was 23 weeks pregnant.

...She had been given an abortion drug by the feminist NGO "La Revuelta" but it did not work and her baby survived because she was too far along in her pregnancy.

...Taking the abortion pill after 10 weeks increases the risks to the mother's health and can cause incomplete abortions.

...Rodríquez Lastra, the patient's mother, hospital management, neonatologists, psychologists, and social workers agreed to not have the woman undergo an abortion, and a C-section was performed at 35 weeks to give both mother and child a chance at life.

..."A woman who is pregnant as a result of rape has the right to access the medical practice of legal abortion in public health facilities and the defendant obstructed that process," Judges Miquel Angel Cardella and María Rita Custet Llambí said.

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