Life under lockdown ups precarity for France's prostitutes -

Excerpts from article:

...Paris - With their health in jeopardy and customers evaporating, sex workers in France are struggling as the novel coronavirus threatens their livelihoods - and there is no safety net in sight.

...France has been in lockdown for a week, with only essential trips outside allowed, in a bid to halt the acceleration of the virus' spread."I have no choice since I work on the street and I travel to people's homes," said Pamela, a 46-year-old prostitute from the southwestern city of Toulouse who stopped working when the lockdown was announced.

...Few of whom have a self-employed work status, will not be able to claim the 1,500 euros in aid promised by the French government to independent workers to compensate for a drop in their activity due to the virus outbreak.

..."With the lockdown, many hotels have closed and sex workers have found themselves on the street," Antoine Baudry, of the Lyon-based Cabiria association for community health, said.

...Migrants who work as prostitutes are in the most precarious situation, particularly those who are undocumented and do not speak French.

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