Nancy is now praising the Senate coronavirus bill -

Excerpts from article:

...House Speaker on Wednesday praised the Senate's sweeping, $2 trillion coronavirus relief package, but declined to say how the House would pass it.

...She said the package did not go as far as a separate House bill but argued that "Thanks to the unity and insistence of Senate and House Democrats, the bill has moved a great deal closer to America's workers."

...ADVERTISEMENT. Pelosi said Wednesday that House Democrats will evaluate the package before deciding next steps.

...Pelosi has hoped to move the package quickly through the House by unanimous consent, allowing it to get to 's desk without calling lawmakers back to Washington amid travel concerns surrounding the spreading pandemic.

...ADVERTISEMENT. In a round of cable news interviews Tuesday morning she made clear that she hopes the Senate package meets enough of the Democrats' requirements that the House can pass it unanimously, precluding the need to reconvene the House.

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