Countries are starting to hoard food, threatening global trade -

Excerpts from article:

...Still, what's been happening has raised a question: Is this the start of a wave of food nationalism that will further disrupt supply chains and trade flows?

...During the food price spikes of 2011 and 2008, there were food riots in more than 30 nations across Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

...Unlike previous periods of rampant food inflation, global inventories of staple crops like corn, wheat, soybeans and rice are plentiful, said Dan Kowalski, vice president of research at CoBank, a $145 billion lender to the agriculture industry, adding he doesn't expect "Dramatic" gains for prices now.

...The United Nations' measure of global food prices reached a record high by February 2011.

...In the meantime, some food prices have already started going up because of the spike in buying.

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