NYPD Has Over 200 Coronavirus Cases, Thousands More Out Sick - wcbs880.radio.com

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...NEW YORK - Mayor Bill de Blasio on Tuesday said the current amount of medical equipment in New York City is unlikely to be enough to get the city through the next two weeks.

...The city only expects the numbers to continue to grow, and the White House on Tuesday cautioned anyone who left New York City amid the outbreak to self-quarantine for 14 days after departing.

...De Blasio said 2,400 ventilators are on their way to the city, but about 15,000 are desperately needed.

...De Blasio also said that NYPD would be warning and education members of the public who are not obeying social distancing methods in parks throughout the city.

...De Blasio said that the city is extending alternate side parking for another week, through Mar. 31.

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