First US docs to analyze coronavirus patients’ lungs say insight could lead to quicker diagnosis -

Excerpts from article:

...A team of Mount Sinai doctors became the first in the U.S. to analyze CT scans of patients diagnosed with coronavirus and said that they were able to identify specific patterns in the lungs as markers of the disease as it developed over time.

...The team believes that its new insight will lead to a quicker diagnosis in patients who are suspected of COVID-19 symptoms and help determine which patients with inconclusive results should be kept in isolation.

...Most of the patients had recently traveled to Wuhan or had close contact with an infected patient.

...In a press release, the team noted that in 36 patients who received CT scans zero to two days within reporting symptoms, more than half showed no evidence of lung disease.

...In 25 patients who had CT scans between six and 12 days after reporting symptoms, the team noted that the images displayed "Fully involved lung disease."

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