U.S. intel officials: Dems, Trump distorting info on Russian meddling - www.nbcnews.com

Excerpts from article:

...And the intelligence officials who spoke to NBC News did not dispute that she told the House the analysis suggests the Russians favor Trump - a preference the Russians displayed during the 2016 election, the U.S. intelligence community publicly concluded.

...Two former intelligence officials briefed on the matter told NBC News there is evidence that the Russians would like to see Trump remain in office.

...What the intelligence doesn't show, the officials said, is that the Russians are actively taking steps to help Trump now.

...Asked Tuesday morning in India whether he had a message to Vladimir Putin about Russian election interference, Trump answered by commenting on Sanders, before pivoting to an accusation that House Democrats leaked classified intelligence.

..."I think it's terrible. They ought to stop the leaking from Intelligence Committee," Trump said after a reporter asked what he would say to Putin about Russian interference.

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