DNC to brief House Dems on role of superdelegates as primary enters crucial stretch - www.politico.com

Excerpts from article:

...After Sanders' steady rise and domination in the first three early states, an increasing number of moderate House Democrats have raised alarms that he could do major damage to down-ballot candidates and have discussed several potential ways to blunt his momentum before it's too late.

...Sanders and his campaign have argued that if any candidate enters the convention with a plurality of delegates - but still short of the 1,991 delegates needed to win the nomination - that the voters' wishes should be heeded.

...One House Democrat said that growing concern about Sanders among lawmakers on the ground in South Carolina is "Palpable."

...Ahead of the South Carolina primary this weekend, a number of House Democrats who have endorsed different candidates are in the Palmetto state and are holding conversations on the sidelines of events.

...A meeting between progressives and Perez a week after the botched Iowa vote was described as "Tense," according to sources in attendance, who added that multiple members confronted Perez over the role of superdelegates and who will sit on the standing committees for the 2020 convention, which could play a role in a convention battle.

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