Fred Fleitz: Trump should stop sharing sensitive intelligence with leaker Adam Schiff -

Excerpts from article:

...Leaks have emerged of classified comments that an American intelligence official made to the House Intelligence Committee about efforts by Russia to "Help" President Trump win the 2020 presidential election.

...Schiff strenuously denies accusations by Trump and congressional Republicans that he or other House Intelligence Committee Democrats have ever leaked classified information.

...These claims are hard to take seriously given efforts since 2017 by Schiff and other Democratic intelligence committee members to weaponize intelligence to hurt Trump politically, including frequent committee leaks to the press.

...House Intelligence Committee Republican members and staff told me in 2018 that the constant leaks of classified information by Democratic members became such a problem that it became impossible for the then-Republican majority to do intelligence oversight in a bipartisan manner with the Democratic minority.

...Since the committee is no longer engaged in serious intelligence oversight, the Trump administration should immediately cease its support for House Intelligence Committee foreign travel.

Submitted 36 days ago

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