California wildfire victims fear they’ll be last in payout -

Excerpts from article:

...SAN FRANCISCO - A $13.5 billion settlement between victims of California's catastrophic wildfires and the utility blamed for causing them was supposed to bring some peace and hope to people still reeling from the devastation.

...More than 1,600 wildfire victims signed an online petition calling the settlement unfair.

...Montali, who also presided over PG&E's previous bankruptcy from 2001-2004, has never left any doubt that compensating the wildfire victims is his top priority in the new case, which began in January 2019.

...Attorneys representing the victims concede the settlement isn't perfect, but they say it's the best deal possible under the circumstances.

...Williams, who now lives in Las Vegas, started a wildfire victims group on Facebook opposing the current deal.

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