South Bend residents are sending a warning about Mayor Pete -

Excerpts from article:

..."When you're in downtown South Bend and you see all these young people moving in - they graduated from Notre Dame and they stay in South Bend because of Mayor Pete," said Jody Freid, 72, a lifelong resident and community activist.

...The South Bend Board of Public Safety held eight community meetings to address the controversy, but Buttigieg only attended one, in September, a day after Black Lives Matter activists publicly complained about his response to the killing.

...During the Dec. 7 Democratic debate in New Hampshire, Buttigieg largely sidestepped a question about black people being arrested for pot possession in South Bend at a rate four times higher than whites.

..."As Mayor of South Bend, Pete has routinely been one of the first leaders in South Bend history to shed light on opportunity gaps and address them in order to improve the experiences of Black residents in South Bend," the campaign said.

..."Under his administration, the unemployment and poverty rates for Black residents fell faster in South Bend than for their counterparts across the state and the nation - and Pete earned praise for taking deliberate steps to diversify city government and make South Bend more inclusive."

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