Chinese national Mar-a-Lago intruder gets 6 months for resisting arrest -

Excerpts from article:

...A Mar-a-Lago intruder deserves a 6-month jail punishment for resisting Palm Beach cops who arrested her two months ago, a judge said Friday.

...Lu Jing, a 56-year-old Chinese national in South Florida on an expired visa, was sentenced after a jury Wednesday found her guilty of the first-degree misdemeanor.

...Palm Beach County Judge Mark Eissey imposed the sentence, denying her lawyers' request for the time she's served in jail since her Dec. 18 arrest.

...A police officer said he spotted Jing about two hours after the Mar-a-Lago breach walking in the 200 block of Worth Avenue.

...Jing clenched her hands in a fist, crossed her arms across her chest and screamed "No! no! no!" before she was handcuffed, the officer told the jury.

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