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...What to KnowA jury convicted Michael Avenatti of all counts in his Nike extortion trial.

...A jury convicted high-profile lawyer Michael Avenatti on all counts in his Nike extortion trial on Friday.

...Former Stormy Daniels attorney and prominent Trump critic Michael Avenatti has been charged in New York with trying to extort Nike for more than $20 million.

...Srebnick's brother, Scott, another lawyer representing Avenatti, told jurors that an amateur youth basketball coach in California and the coach's adviser considered Avenatti to be the kind of "Heavy artillery" they needed on their side to force out corruption at Nike and get a fair settlement.

...The defense arguments came after Assistant U.S. Attorney Matthew Podolsky repeatedly played recorded demands and threats Avenatti made at his meeting with Nike attorneys, arguing for a conviction on two attempted extortion counts and an honest services fraud charge.

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