American Spectator: Roger Stone and the Corruption of Justice -

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...A juror on the Roger Stone trial said she wants to "Stand up" for the four prosecutors who withdrew from the case in response to their sentencing recommendation being changed by Department of Justice leadership.

...Got that? Not only was the jury "Foreperson" a left-wing anti-Trump activist, she was out there tweeting her hatred of Roger Stone before she was picked to sit on the jury judging Roger Stone.

...Sitting there on that jury with her was an "Obama-era press official with admitted anti-Trump views - and whose husband worked at the same Justice Department division that handled the probe leading to Stone's arrest." Not to mention "Another Stone juror, Seth Cousins, donated to former Democratic presidential candidate Beto O'Rourke and other progressive causes."

...What has been done to Roger Stone is a travesty, a spectacular miscarriage of justice.

...In the hands of FBI officials and Justice Department prosecutors, this is an exceptionally dangerous abuse of power - and in the case of Roger Stone a glaringly egregious abuse.

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