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Excerpts from article:

...A former law clerk to the late Judge Stephen Reinhardt accused the judge of sexual misconduct Tuesday morning while testifying before a House subcommittee.

...The clerk, Olivia Warren, said the judge made denigrating remarks about her body and marriage on a regular basis and lashed out at women who accused prominent men of misconduct.

...A former law clerk to the late Judge Stephen Reinhardt, once a leading light of the federal judiciary, accused him of pervasive harassment and misconduct during stunning testimony before a House subcommittee Thursday morning.

...Olivia Warren, who clerked for the judge from May 2017 until his death in March 2018, testified that Reinhardt regularly belittled her physique, scrutinized the physical appearance of female clerk applicants, and exhibited obsessive and paranoid behavior following the retirement of former Judge Alex Kozinski for workplace misconduct.

..."Judge Reinhardt routinely and frequently made disparaging statements about my physical appearance, my views about feminism and women's rights, and my relationship with my husband, including our sexual relationship," Warren said.

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