Pink Floyd rocker Roger Waters bashes Donald Trump as 'tyrant,' 'mass murderer' -

Excerpts from article:

...Controversial former Pink Floyd rocker Roger Waters bashed President Donald Trump at an event Tuesday in New York City, showing support for 2020 Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders.

...The British bassist and songwriter, who hasn't been with the band since the 1980s, spoke at a Q&A to promote his concert film, "Us + Them." According to Rolling Stone magazine, the moderator noted that the film showed Waters' music getting its message of "Humanism" to connect with young people all over the world.

..."The United States of America is not a fool's paradise; it's a fool's hell. And watching [the film], it reminded me that the great battle is the battle between propaganda and love. And propaganda is winning. And sadly, the buttons of the propaganda machine are being pushed by people who are f--ing sick. These sick, sociopathic f--ers, all of them, every single one of them. Believe it or not, Donald Trump is somewhere down here, floundering around in the muddy water at the bottom of the oligarchic pool."

...He concluded his lengthy political rant by directly commenting on Trump's character, going as far as to call him a "Tyrant" and a "Mass murderer."

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