What Tariffs? Television Prices Dropping Like a Rock Despite China Tariffs - www.breitbart.com

Excerpts from article:

...Americans are paying far less for televisions despite a hike on imports from China, indicating that critics of the Trump administration's trade policies were badly off course when they claimed consumers would pay higher prices.

...Television prices have fallen in every month since the tariffs were applied, including a 1.5 percent drop in October, a 2.2 percent drop in November, a 1.8 percent decline in December, and a 1.7 decline in January, according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics released Thursday.

...Compared with a year ago, television prices are have plummeted 20.8 percent.

...The South China Morning Post: "Donald Trump's China tariffs could increase TV and battery prices by 23 per cent, study finds."

...The Associated Press: "President Donald Trump's latest round of tariffs on Chinese imports is likely to deliver a direct hit on many consumers, who were largely spared from higher prices in his previous rounds of import taxes. Beginning Sunday, the U.S. government will begin collecting 15% tariffs on $112 billion in Chinese imports - items ranging from smartwatches and TVs to shoes, diapers, sporting goods and meat and dairy products. For the first time since Trump launched his trade war, American households face price increases because many U.S. companies say they'll be forced to pass on to customers the higher prices they'll pay on Chinese imports."

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