Republicans introduce bill to pull funds from states that give driver's licenses to illegal immigrants -

Excerpts from article:

...Republicans in the House and the Senate are introducing legislation that would block federal funds from states that allow illegal immigrants to obtain driver's licenses - the latest move in an escalating fight over "Sanctuary" laws.

...The Stop Greenlighting Driver Licenses for Illegal Immigrants Act would block funds to sanctuary states - which limit local cooperation with federal immigration authorities - and those that give licenses to illegal immigrants.

..."While Tennessee and many other states prohibit driver licenses for illegal aliens, a growing number of states are moving in the opposite direction and unleashing dangerous open borders policies. Immigrants must follow the proper federal process and obtain citizenship or lawful status before obtaining a state driver license."

...Her office estimates that states that issued licenses to illegal immigrants received nearly $53 million from the program in fiscal year 2019.

..."The United States of America should be a sanctuary for law-abiding Americans, not criminal aliens," Trump said at his State of the Union address last week.

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