Senate Democrats introduce legislation to change impeachment trial rules -

Excerpts from article:

...A pair of Senate Democrats want to change the chamber's rules for an impeachment trial to allow both sides to request that witnesses and documents be subpoenaed.

...Under the proposed rules change, if the presiding officer - the chief justice - decides the request is "Material and relevant to the impeachment trial and not redundant" the subpoena would then be issued.

...Merkley argued lawmakers currently only have a "Window" for both sides to agree to changes to the impeachment rules "Outside the pressure of an imminent trial."

...The rules change would lay out a substantially different process than the rules for the Trump impeachment trial, where no new witnesses or documents were called.

...Sen. Josh Hawley introduced legislation that would make House-passed articles of impeachment "Deemed" as received if they had not been sent to the Senate within 25 days of passage.

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