Andrew McCabe: 'Absolutely nothing to stop' Trump from ordering political investigations -

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...Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe said President Trump is on the precipice of retaliating against his political foes using the Justice Department.

..."There's absolutely nothing to stop it, and I think we saw that again today in his comments in the Oval Office when the president, after talking about how bad he felt for Roger Stone, then rebounded into talking about how insistent he is that James Comey and I be prosecuted and thrown in jail," McCabe told CNN on Wednesday.

...McCabe, who is now a CNN contributor, spoke after the Justice Department intervened on Tuesday to pursue a more lenient punishment for longtime GOP operative Roger Stone after Trump called prosecutors' initial seven-to-nine-year guidance for Stone a "Miscarriage of justice." Trump denied interfering with his tweets, but Democrats are gearing up for investigations into the Justice Department's conduct with the Stone matter after the four prosecutors who dropped from the case.

...On Wednesday, Trump complained about his former adviser Roger Stone being treated "Very badly" compared to former FBI officials whom Trump has repeatedly attacked, claiming they were biased against him during the Russia investigation.

...With Democrats crying foul over concerns that Barr is empowering Trump to seek revenge on his political rivals, the House Judiciary Committee announced on Wednesday that the attorney general will testify before the panel at the end of March.

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