Documents reveal DNC was 'intimately involved' in development of troubled Iowa caucus app -

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...In the days since the debacle, DNC Chair Tom Perez has criticized the Iowa Democratic Party, which ran the caucuses, and the developer of the app, Shadow Inc.An unaffiliated Democratic operative in Iowa provided Yahoo News with a copy of the contract between Shadow and the Iowa Democratic Party.

...An email provided to Yahoo News also appears to show that Seema Nanda, the CEO of the DNC, and Kat Atwater, the national party's deputy chief technology officer, were involved in drafting the contract and requested the addition of the provision that gave them access to Shadow and the app.

...The Iowa Democratic Party was introduced to Shadow through the state party in Nevada, which also planned to use an app made by the company for its caucuses, according to the same source.

...In the days since the caucuses, Perez, the DNC chair, has laid the blame for the app debacle on the Iowa Democratic Party and Shadow for the issues with the results.

...One provision in the contract says Shadow would provide "Monthly written updates to the DNC regarding the Software status and timeline for implementation." It also required Shadow to work with outside consultants and cybersecurity specialists, which the DNC could "Choose in its sole discretion."

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