Ilhan Omar Bill Would Let Congress Restrict Trump’s Power on Sanctions, National Emergencies -

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...Rep. Ilhan Omar has introduced a series of sweeping foreign policy bills, including one that would let Congress limit the president's power to place international sanctions and declare national emergencies.

...One of the bills, the Congressional Oversight of Sanctions Act, would give Congress power to limit the executive branch's authority under the International Emergency Economic Powers Act to declare national emergencies and place economic sanctions.

...Another bill redirects defense spending - something Omar refers to as "Military intimidation and coercion" - and gives it to the State Department.

...Human Rights Watch's Andrea Prasow praised Omar as a leader on the subject: " With an administration that's a no-show on human rights, it's important that Congress press forward with resolutions in support of the most vulnerable, including children, migrants, and victims of atrocity crimes.

...Since her election, Omar has been mired in controversy, facing scrutiny for a 2012 social media post saying "Israel has hypnotized the world, may Allah awaken the people and help them see the evil doings of Israel." Days after taking her oath of office, Omar spread a conspiracy theory that Sen. Lindsey Graham is "Compromised" by sexual blackmail.

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