Pelosi on Stone sentencing fallout: 'All this must be investigated' -

Excerpts from article:

...Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Thursday accused President Trump of abuse of power and his top law enforcement official of lying to Congress - but stopped short of calling for another round of impeachment.

...Pelosi accused Trump of interfering with the justice system by seeking a lighter sentence for his longtime adviser Roger Stone and blasted Attorney General Bill Barr for overriding the career prosecutors on Stone's case.

...But fresh off a long impeachment saga that left the country drained and Trump acquitted and emboldened, Pelosi declined to say she favored another impeachment investigation when asked.

..."The president is what he is," Pelosi said.

...Some Democrats have called for Barr's resignation or impeachment, while others haven't ruled out impeachment 2.0 for Trump.

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