Men appear to be more vulnerable to the coronavirus: report -

Excerpts from article:

...Roughly two-thirds of 99 infected patients admitted to a Wuhan hospital last month were men, science writer Anjana Ahuja wrote, citing a Lancet medical study published on Jan. 30.

...Females are prone to autoimmune diseases, which causes parts of their immune system to become stronger to compensate, resulting in a possible stronger response to the coronavirus, according to FT. Women routinely outlive men by six to eight years and are more likely to reach their first birthday, according to the World Health Organization [WHO].

...Perlman studied how SARS - a disease often compared with coronavirus - impacts male and female mice.

...One study showed that out of 1,800 Sars patients - men had a 9 percent higher date rate.

...A 2019 study of 229 Mers patients showed found that males had a six percent higher death rate over females, FT reported.

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