Black Lives Matter leader justifies rioting in interview with Tomi Lahren: 'Riot is the language of the unheard' -

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..."There are a lot of black people who say 'f-- the police,'" said Newsome.

..."You have to really start to ask why people say, 'f-- the police,'" he continued.

..."From day one, black people's interactions with the police had been negative," argued Newsome, who says that the "Institution of policing" is racist.

..."The Fugitive Slave Act, where they would take black people, stop them in the street, ask them for their papers, if they couldn't produce them they'd send them back into slavery," he said.

..."For a country that drops bombs on people, for a country that incarcerates people, for a country that enslaves people - to criticize us for vandalism is preposterous," said Newsome.

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