More than 100 House Dems reject Trump peace plan in open letter -

Excerpts from article:

...More than 100 House Democrats on Friday signed a letter to rejecting his Middle East peace plan, saying it would "Hurt Israelis and Palestinians alike, pushing them toward further conflict."

...Democratic lawmakers accuse Trump of "An inappropriate intervention in a foreign election" by releasing the peace plan with Netanyahu last month "Against the backdrop" of the Israeli premier coming under formal indictment charges on allegations of corruption.

...The Palestinian Authority and the majority of Arab states have rejected the Trump administration's peace proposal, a nearly 200-page document that purports to outline the parameters for a solution to achieve a Palestinian state.

...Critics say the plan calls for a Palestinian state in name only and instead traps noncontiguous Palestinian territory inside an Israeli security barrier, with Israel exercising civil and security control over the West Bank and Jordan Valley, as well as air, land and sea ports.

...The Trump administration says that territory identified in the plan for a future Palestinian state will remain "Frozen" for a period of four years to allow for a Palestinian response.

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