Students charged with shouting racial slurs sue UConn -

Excerpts from article:

...Two University of Connecticut students arrested for shouting a racial slur outside a campus apartment complex sued the school Tuesday, citing free speech rights as they fight officials' attempts to remove them from school housing.

...The two students say the school is violating their First Amendment rights by bringing disciplinary hearings that have included a recommendation to remove them from student housing for violating a "disruptive behavior" policy.

...They also allege school officials are violating the terms of a 1990 federal consent decree issued in another UConn student free speech case that bars the school from enforcing policies that interfere with First Amendment rights, when the speech doesn't involve violence or the threat of violence.

...The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, a group that defends the rights of college students and faculty, agrees with the lawsuit, saying public institutions cannot punish protected speech.

...Police said Karal and Mucaj said the racial slur several times while walking with a third student through the parking lot of UConn's Charter Oak Apartments complex on Oct. 11.

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